Karachi designers present fusion of contemporary, modern home décor in exhibit

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Karachi designers present fusion of contemporary, modern home décor in exhibit

Photo: Asad Farooq

KARACHI: Five furniture designers came together on Friday to bring forth a revolution in the home décor through the innovative fusion in modern and contemporary lifestyle at SOL House.

In a collaborative effort with the house of SOL Foods, Sana Khan Niazi of Paimona brought on board four other designers to blend the traditional and contemporary craft of Pakistani furniture with the changing style of modernism and minimalism.

Held at an unusual pop up restaurant that is changing the traditional space of eateries through rotating menus that comprise of unique and soulful foods, providing platforms open for artistic expression, the exhibit welcomed numerous art enthusiasts.

Photo: Asad Farooq

Founder and CEO of Paimona, Sana Khan Niazi regarding the exhibit, in conversation with The News revealed: “I have organized this exhibition where I have introduced this new furniture line that speaks about Pakistan’s crafts and heritage obviously with a twist with modern design.”

Presenting a more abstract and unconventional side of the exhibit, Changez Basir, the brains behind Carpenter Designs explained: “There is a fine line when you’re designing products that is sell-able and art. In that spectrum you choose where you want to be and how you want to go forward in it. Sometimes it’s more towards the commercial side and sometimes it’s more towards an artistic side.

He goes on to state: “I think for any designer, it is important for them to take a step back from the commercial realm. When you do that it is important you use that process to make your product that is when you sell your product fine but it should come from a place of meaning so these explorations are my own, they are my own ideas, inspired by a thousand furniture makers and a thousand designers.”

Ashir Bhatti, architect and interior designer who showcased his paintings at the exhibit, in conversation with The News, revealed: “The paintings that I made are a hobby of mine. This is my first exhibition and the turnout has been great and I have received wonderful comments from the people. We should have more of these sort of events. It’s not really about spending money and making money it’s more about interacting with the creative people that do exist still because we rarely get a chance to meet each other otherwise. So this was a great opportunity to just mingle with the creatives and people who are interested in arts.”

Photo: Asad Farooq

Sanfarina Design Studio’s Bina Sohail also displayed her innovative crafts who after studying Product Design in London created the studio in 2018 and within a short span of time, her work is actively getting recognized as fun while maintaining elements of contemporary art through materials like wrought iron, concrete and stainless steel. The intriguing blend of ultramodern and conventional designs are sure to bring a unique look to mundane spaces.

Moreover,  Rakhshaan Qazi is another designer who’s work was widely appreciated at the exhibit with her futuristic, simple and elegant designs, playing with colours and materials that she originates from their purest forms through her studio called Naqsh.

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