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Kate Middleton, Prince William risk ‘dirt slinging’ embarrassment in memoir

Kate Middleton and Prince William run the risk of coming face to face with complete embracement once Prince Harry’s memoir comes out.

The claim has been brought forward by The Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce who told MailPlus’ Palace Confidential, “[Harry’s] book is going to reveal more a lot more, presumably.”

“The publishers will want more details about the breakdown with William, and the breakdown with Catherine. They will what to know what really went on when they left the funeral of Prince Philip and they walked back together.”

“That moment allowed Harry and William to have that very public reunion of sorts. I suppose they will peel away even more layers of the relationship between the two brothers, which I think is really, really sad.”

Mr. Pierce also admitted that Harry might be forced to “dish the dirt” and divulge sordid secrets about the royal family’s lifestyle.

“They have to do this for him to remain relevant. He has disappeared off the face of the earth in the context of the Royal Family and he has to earn his bucks.”

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