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KeepTruckin named to Parity.org list of best companies for women

LAHORE – KeepTruckin, the leader in fleet management technology, proudly announced its inclusion in the Parity.org Best Companies for Women to Advance List 2021. This list recognises organisations that have implemented a mix of exemplary benefits, policies, and programmes that ensure women have significant opportunities to advance their careers. Companies on the list were rated in areas of equality in hiring and promotion practices, inclusion, representation of women in leadership, and enablers, such as benefits and other policies that help companies achieve equitable outcomes. “Our collective success will be defined by the diverse team we build and the culture we foster,” said Shoaib Makani, CEO of KeepTruckin. “After a year that has erased all the gains women have made in the past several decades, there are still companies that are making progress to support women’s advancement at work–all the more reason to celebrate their successes,” said Cathrin Stickney, Parity.org founder and CEO. “The companies that are on the 2021 list of Best Companies for Women to Advance are shining examples of companies that actually walk the talk and are helping create equal representation, now.” Companies on the 2021 list share many common best practices that are known to support women, such as work-from-home or telecommute options (97 per cent).

, flexible working hours (94 per cent), and equal paid family leave for men and women (88 per cent). 

To learn more about KeepTruckin and this award, please visit: KeepTruckin.com, KeepTruckin Blog or parity.org/best-companies/

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