KMC continues establishing Baghban committees to look after parks, gardens

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KARACHI   –  The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) continued establishing “Baghban” committees comprising representatives of parks department and locals of areas to look after the public parks and gardens.

In this regard another Baghban committee was formed on Friday at Agha Khan Park with Director General (DG) Parks and Horticulture Taha Saleem and other KMC officials, in attendance, said a statement.

Taha Saleem said that the purpose of forming the committees was to take care of the parks in more efficient manner. He said that inclusion of locals in the committees had given fruitful results.

The DG Parks said that Baghban committees were formed at North Nazimabad Park, Hill Park and Sir Syed Park and other parks.

He said that through this act, facilities would not only be lasted for long but also be expanded.

He said that many parks and playgrounds were established in different areas in the past but they were in miserable condition due to not proper take care.

That’s why it was essential to introduce a mechanism for taking care of parks in more efficient manner and Baghban committees are being formed, he said.

Taha Saleem said that Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani wanted to establish more parks and playgrounds besides renovation of the present ones. Shallwani also wants to further enhance beauty of the city through plantation.


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