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KP police compile lists of out-of-turn promoted officials

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police authorities have compiled the lists of officers who are likely to be reverted after they were given out-of-turn promotions in the past.

In some districts, the sources told The News, the process has reportedly begun and a few political leaders had hinted at taking up the matter in the KP Assembly. They believe several of these cops were duly rewarded as per the law many years ago for topping the respective courses and becoming the cadet or exhibiting bravery during their service.

On the other hand, the officers who were affected by the speedy promotions of these policemen argue that many cops availed the opportunity of becoming a cadet many times while the rules say this can happen only once in the first training after recruitment.

The sources said a large number of acting superintendents of police (SPs) and deputy superintendents of police (DSPs) are among the officers who are likely to be reverted to the lower ranks, mostly inspector and sub inspectors. Other officers are to be reverted to the rank of head constables and assistant sub-inspectors.

Some of those who got out-of-turn promotions have already served as district police officers as well as SPs Investigation and in other wings. At least one officer recently submitted an application for early retirement to avoid being reverted from SP to the rank of inspector or sub-inspector. Once the policy is implemented across the province, many are likely to be placed junior to their subordinates.

There are many policemen who were recruited as constables and are now posted as DSPs and SPs after getting out-of-turn promotions. They were given promotions after they either topped respective courses or performed well in one or many incidents against hardened criminals and terrorists.

In many cases, however, this was also misused to give favours to the blue-eyed subordinates.

“The regions, wings and districts have prepared lists of the officers who were given out-of-turn promotions at different times. Action, however, is yet to be taken,” said a source.

The KP Police authorities last year decided to implement the verdict of the apex court about out-of-turn promotions. However, the decision was delayed for many months.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2017 had declared all out-of-turn promotions in the Police Department void.

“A former inspector general of police had banned the special cases several years back to stop its misuse. However, those who had already got promotions were not reverted,” added the source.

In Sindh, 879 police officers who got out of turn promotion were reverted in one go a few years back.

On a number of occasions, the cops recruited through the Public Service Commission had challenged the seniority of many officers who they claimed were junior to them but were placed high in the seniority list through undue favours and promotions.

Inspector General of Police, KP Sanaullah Abbasi did not respond to the question as to what action had been planned when approached for his comments.

There has been no spokesman for the force since long even though the Police Act 2017 clearly says a grade-19 officer should be posted as Director General, Media and Public Relations, to give the version of the police in important cases.

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