KU announces test result of bachelor program, visual studies department

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KARACHI – The University of Karachi announced the test result of the bachelor programs and department of visual studies. The test results were uploaded on the web portal (www.uokadmission.edu.pk). The in-charge KU Directorate of Admissions Dr Saima Akhtar said this here on Thursday.

She mentioned that the final result of the entry test of the bachelor and master programs and department of visual studies would be uploaded on the portal on December 21, 2020. She added that the entry test for the department of visual studies was conducted on December 06, 2020, while the master program’s test was carried out on December 12, 2020, whereas the bachelor program’s test was held on December 13, 2020.

All the candidates were wearing face masks and hand sanitizers were made available at all centers. The body temperatures of the candidates were also checked with the help of the thermal gun. Meanwhile, the in-charge Script Assessment Entry Test Admissions 2021 Dr Syed Zafar Hussain while sharing the details of technical reasons due to which announcement of the bachelor program’s entry test was delayed, said that during the evaluation of answer scripts.


 it came to our knowledge that some of the students did the shading outside the boxes or could not fill the box appropriately as instructed, and we find out that some students could not properly shade the appropriate seat number and other information, due to which machine was showing them absent during machine checking process although they were present and their attendance was also available. He mentioned that the answer scripts that were provided to the students were machine-readable and Optical Character Recognition enabled.

The candidates were required to shade the appropriate answer option on the given answer sheet and fill-in/shade their identification information and seat numbers using the same procedure of shading the boxes. He shared that the instructions were printed on the envelope which was provided to the students at least 10 minutes before the start of the entry test. Since the University of Karachi was conducting the test in extra-ordinary circumstances due to COVID -19, the invigilators were instructed to keep a fair distance from the students. The invigilators were only responding to the queries of the students, if and only if a question was raised by the student. Dr Syed Zafar Hussain said that in this scenario a manual process of cross verification and rechecking was initiated which was adopted to ensure that no student was left unevaluated because of technical reasons.

“The process of cross verification involves checking the answer scripts manually and takes more time than the machine-based checking process. This manual process of cross verification is to ensure that no student is left unevaluated and marked absent (if they have attempted the test) before the announcement of the result.” He said that the entry test was conducted at the more than 300 examination halls in 30 different centers for over 9500 candidates who were seeking admission in test-based departments of the University of Karachi. He added that there were no more than 30 students in a classroom/ hall and the entry test was held in strict compliance with the COVID-19 SOPs issued by the Sindh government and the University of Karachi. Dr Syed Zafar Hussain said that the test was carried out smoothly and there were no mishaps of any kind reported during the test.


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