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Labourer dies after accidentally touching live power line 

MUZAFFARGARH  – A labourer was electrocuted to death after touching with high transmission lines of WAPDA at Sultan colony. According to police spokesman, a 14-year-old labourer namely Afzal Khan was working on the roof of the under construction shops and suddenly the iron which he held, touched with high voltages wires as result he died after sus­tained serious burn injuries. 

The local people Akram Khan, Mujahid, Imran and others said that they had submitted applica­tions various times for shifting of live wires close to shops. The citi­zens staged demonstration protest against WAPDA and alleged that the incident happened due to the neg­ligence of MEPCO. The MEPCO of­ficials said that the sad incident oc­curred due to construction of shops under high transmission line and in­quiry regarding the issue underway. 



Two elder members of the families got critically injured as result of spat erupted between their children amid commonly playing practice, police said. Muhammad Ameen, 28, and Atteq-ur-Rehman wounded badly by hitting iron rods on each other’s head during the fight. Both were shifted to Rural Health Centre Seet Pur by res­cuers for emergency treatment.

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