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LEAs reach Ladi gang’s hideout as crackdown enters day three

In the file photo security forces can be seen.

Security forces on Friday   cracked down on the Ladi gang and reached their hideout in the Taman Khosa tribal area of ​​Dera Ghazi Khan, but failed to arrest the ringleader.

The tribal forces, Border Military Police, Punjab Police, and Rangers reached the hideout today, but the gang’s leader and members were not present there.

Security forces burnt down the entire hideout.

The operation against the Ladi gang entered the third consecutive day, however, no arrests had been reportedly been made so far.

A day earlier, the bandits had released the third hostage and he has safely arrived home. The Ladi gang had abducted three people from the Taman Khosa area.

Two days earlier, a video had gone viral showing one of the hostages being shot dead, while the limbs of the other were chopped off before he was killed by the ring leader, known as Khuda Baksh.

All the while, his partner was filming the horrific events. The Ladi gang leader said in the video that he had “killed the murderers of his companion Haroon”.

Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar also noted, with grave concern, reports of the incident and ordered immediate action against the gang.

The robbers took the third abducted Khadim Hussain with them and released him late at night, after which he returned home.

The search for the robbers is underway in the hilly range behind the cement factory and in the tribal area of ​​Kashuba.

PM Imran vows to take action against Ladi gang incident

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday had vowed action against dacoits in Dera Ghazi Khan, after the video of three kidnapped people went viral on social media.

Addressing a launch ceremony in Layyah of the Insaf Sehat Sahulat Card, he said he was saddened to see poor people being killed in this barbaric manner.

He said the rangers had been given instructions to bring the perpetrators to book and provide all possible assistance to the police.

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