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Liam Payne says that he shares this similarity with Harry Styles

Singer Liam Payne hilariously shared how he thinks his voice is similar to his former One Direction bandmate  Harry Styles 

Taking to YouTube, the former One Direction singer gave fans a much needed update to his fans and shared that he was sick but did not elaborate on his illness.

During the video, he segued into how similar his croaky voice and northern accent sounded to Harry’s. 

“I feel like this becomes like a Harry Styles constant impression! Maybe I’ve took his voice on for something,” he said.

The singer went on to share how he became a “depressive madman” when he was unable to exercise when he was unwell.

“When I can’t train or work out I become a depressive madman!”

However he went on to share how he was able to spend time with his son Bear, who he shares with his ex Cheryl.

‘I’ve been trying to teach him how to swim, which is task. As a dad I try to push him quite hard sometimes, its tough to know the right balance. His mum’s quite good at that, to be fair, his mum’s quite good at that stuff…’ he explained.

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