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Lindsay Lohan prepares for new single ‘Lullaby’

ISLAMABAD  –  Lindsay Lohan said she’s preparing to enter the NFT (non-fungible token) market with a new single titled Lullaby.’I am about to launch my next Single “Lullaby” as an #NFT in a couple hours on fansforever.io,’ the 33yearold actress and singer said recently on Instagram.The Mean Girls star said that ‘this is a genesis piece and history in the making!’ adding the hashtags #firstever, #women and #letsgetit.She added a moving frame of artwork with a musical background to the post.Lohan, speaking with Forbes, predicted the latest currency trend will make a major impact in entertainment industry. (NFTs enable purchasers to own a digital property via a token on a blockchain.)’It’s only a matter of time till everyone in Hollywood and beyond gets involved,’ Lohan said. ‘Maybe we will see the tokenization of movies, and of how artists are paid for their films, music and art. I see a future where crypto, NFTs and blockchain will be the norm, rather than the exception.’

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