LWMC’s zero waste campaign continues

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Lahore   –   Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) continued zero waste campaign on Friday.

The staff cleared waste from Nisbat Road, Shah Jamal, Haq Nawaz Road, Gulberg, Shah Alam Market, Circular Road, Darogawala, Neelam cinema, Firdous Market, Muslim Town and Samnabad. 

The whole operation was monitored by top management of the department and they also visited various areas of the city to ensure effective cleanliness operation. 

CEO LWMC stated that department is on toes to serve the city with all possible and available resources.  

Chairman and CEO LWMC directed all the staff to remain in field till the successful completion of zero waste operation and to ensure timely lifting of waste from every nook and corner of the city. 

He stated that maintaining cleanliness in the city is top priority. CEO LWMC and all officers/workers are working constantly to make zero waste operation goes successful. 

He said that till now more than 16, 000 tons of waste has been lifted in an environment friendly manner whereas the operation is still underway.

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