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Madhuri Dixit unveils brand new ‘#UnitedByDance’ hashtag

Madhuri Dixit unveils brand new ‘#UnitedByDance’ hashtag

Indian actor Madhuri Dixit recently took to social media to inaugurate her hashtag #UnitedByDance for stress management against covid-19.

The announcement was made to Instagram and contained a caption that explains the entire thought process behind the movement.

It read, “India and the world are in crisis. Now is the time to come together and support each other in all ways. Some of this is physical, some mental, and some soulful. Join us at @dancewithmadhuri & stay #UnitedByDance during these difficult times.”

“It’s our humble initiative to spread positivity, happiness, and wellness through dance. There are free classes, live sessions & much more in store to engage your mind, body, and soul from the sanctity of your homes.”

Check it out below:

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