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Male-female voters gap continues narrowing

ISLAMABAD   –   For the second time consecutively the gap between male and female voters in Pakistan has narrowed down to 12.41 million from 12.72 million during the last 12 months.

The latest data of the pilot project conducted by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for reducing the gender gap through mass registration shows that the gap between the male and female voters has once again reduced for the second time consecutively.

It must be noted here that the pilot project was conducted by ECP in 20 different districts of the country.

While talking about details of the project, Additional Director General Nighat Siddique said that during the pilot project they covered 32,970 households and coordinated with 133,267 people of age 18 and above in a door to door survey.

She said that the research showed that 81% of people above 18 years of age 108,218 people had valid CNICs and 19% people who did not have CNICs included 77% women and 23% men. In Punjab, the people who did not have CNICs include 77% women and 23% men.

While briefing the media, she said that in the covered districts of Sindh 74% women and 26% men had no CNICs.

About the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, she said that 84% women and 16% men had no CNICs; saying that in Balochistan respectively 71% and 29% had no CNICs.

Explaining the reasons of holding no CNICs, Nighat said that in many areas people and especially women were reluctant to go to NADRA offices due to their social, cultural and financial issues.

It must be noted here that the gender gap of voters has always been an issue in Pakistan and it had been increasing with every passing year; however, due to the continues efforts of ECP this gap is shrinking with a slow pace.

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