Man pretends to reserve a table as Moroccan prime minister and succeeds

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Reserving a table at a restaurant in vogue may not be the easiest task in the world, but this man had a distinct tactic that got him not only the best table available but also a VIP reception.

Footage posted by a social media user shows her father getting the treatment of a dignitary after he told the restaurant management that he is the prime minister of Morocco upon being refused a table due to unavailability.

The man’s distinct approach not only got him and his family the best table of the eatery but it also got the ecstatic to the point that he was asked to sign a plate as well.

The ingenious ploy had garnered ample chuckles from social media users all around with most people applauding the man’s creativity and some appalled at the ignorance of the entire staff of the restaurant. 

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