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Mardan admin cracks down on lockdown violators

MARDAN: The district administration here on the second day of lockdown cracked down against the violators of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the government to check the spread of the Covid-19.

The officials took steps to ensure the implementation of lockdown in the district.

The police, army and officials of district administration took part in the crackdown.

Deputy Commissioner Habibullah Arif visited different bazaars in Mardan and examined the implementation of lockdown.

The deputy commissioner also changed his getup and visited Gajju Khan Bazaar and arrested several shopkeepers for violating the SOPs. The official also beat up several people with sticks for not wearing face masks and also wandering in different bazaars without any reason.

However, the majority of the people visiting the bazaars were seen wearing face masks due to the strict implementation of lockdown and SOPs.

Taking to the media at Gajju Khan Bazaar, Deputy Commissioner Habibullah Arif said that the ratio of positive cases in the district had decreased to 31 percent after the lockdown.

He added that lockdown was direly needed or else the situation could spin out of control.

Habibullah Arif also appealed to the people and traders to cooperate the district administration in implementing the SOPs and lockdown.

The deputy commissioner added that some people are wandering in bazaars without any purpose and violating the SOPs.

He added the crackdown would continue in the district, urging the people to follow the SOPs.

However, majority of the small businessmen and shopkeeperscomplained that district administration was only taking action against them and spared the wholesalers.

They said wholesalers at Abasin Plaza, Sarfraz Ganj Bazaar, Al-Falah Market, Mahboob Market, Moon Market, Monday Market, Shahidano Bazaar, Baricham, Arsala Khan Plaza and Khwaja Ganj Bazaar were doing business without any hurdle.

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