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Motorbike, three wheeler sales increase 38.97pc in FY 2021

ISLAMABAD  – The sale of motorbikes and three wheelers witnessed an increase of 38.97 per cent during the fiscal year (2020-21) as compared to the corresponding period of last year.

During the period under review, as many as 1,903,932 motorbikes and three wheelers were sold in July-June (2020-21) against the sale of 1,370,005 units in July-June (2019-20), showing growth of 38.97 per cent, according to the Pakistan automobile Manufacturing Association (PAMA).

The sale of Honda motorcycles went up 47.85 per cent from 873,902 units in last year to 1,292,096 units during fiscal year 2021 whereas the sale of Suzuki motorcycles also rose by 43.63 per cent from 17,301 units to 24,851 units.

Similarly, the sale of Yamaha motorbikes also went up from 19,371 units to 19,924 witnessing increase of 2.

85 per cent while the sale of Ravi motorbikes witnessed a sharp decline of 52.01 per cent from 12,380 units to 5,941 units.

The sales of United Auto motorcycles increased by 24.76 per cent from 295,459 units to 368,643 units while the sales of Road Prince motorcycles also increased by 29.58 per cent from 108,990 units to 141,230 units.

Meanwhile, the sale of Road Prince three wheelers witnessed a nominal decrease of 1.97 per cent from 10,320 units in last year to 10,116 units in fiscal year 2021 while the sale of Sazgar three wheeler increased by 27.62 per cent from 12,274 units to 15,665 units.

The sale of Qingqi three wheelers has shown an increase of 45.45 per cent by going up from 12,893 units to 18,753 units whereas the sale of United Auto three wheelers also rose 9.10 per cent from 6,098 units to 6,653 units, the data revealed.

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