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Multan rally a protest against inflation, unrest: PPP

KHANGARH – PPP South Punjab Informa­tion Secretary and Member National Assembly Naw­abzada Iftikhar Ahmad Khan has said that the Multan rally is intended to record public protest against inflation, un­employment, unrest and in­competent rulers. Addressing a crowded press conference at his residence Saif Nagar Khangarh on Friday, Naw­abzada Iftikhar Ahmad Khan added that incompetent rul­ers have so far arrested more than 300 PDM workers.While they are being forced to put their thumbs on the shorty bond form for not attending the rally. On the other hand, more than 30 containers are being placed around the venue last night and the roads are being closed which is rep­rehensible. Khan has revived the era of dictatorship. He said that Multan rally will be held anyway while people from villages of South Punjab will participate in the form of car­avan. He said that Imran Khan and his team are pushing the country towards economic misery.While the people have been forced to commit suicide due to inflation, he said that the people are paying nawafil to get rid of incompetent rul­ers and the PDM movement will suffocate only by sending the incompetent and selected Prime Minister home KHAN KHANGARH

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