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Multitalented icon Yasir Akhtar’s film ‘Rung Dorangi’

ISLAMABAD-‘Rung DoRangi’ is the latest film production by multitalented media icon Yasir Akhtar. The rom-com, with a unique plot and amusing dialogues, is ready to go on air this year. The filmmaker, singer, actor, producer and director behind countless trendsetting productions, songs and a launching pad for many artists has another exciting story for the audience. From ground-breaking and trendsetting projects like ‘Music Channel Charts’ to the movie ‘Azaad’, audiences have always witnessed high quality entertainment in music and film from Yasir Akhtar’s Pegasus Productions in Pakistan and the United Kingdom. ‘Rung Dorangi’ premieres on LTN Family in March, 2021. 

 This time Yasir is bringing another fresh and vibrant project to our screens, which will keep the viewers glued till the very last scene. ‘Rung Dorangi’ is not a usual run of the mill production and it’s also not a usual project. The film will leave you feeling energized with it’s beautiful locations and interesting characters. Yasir has once again proven that he is a trendsetter, with his work standing out with flying colors in a clutter. 

Hamza (Yasir Akhtar) and Umar (Shees Sajjad Gul) are living in a farmhouse away from the city.  Hamza has been raising his son as a single parent after his wife’s death in an accident. The plot takes an interesting turn when Ayesha (Namra Shahid) runs away to escape a forced marriage by her mother Sakina (Humera Bano) with Sakina’s landlord brother’s son (Faizan Shaikh). Ayesha’s best friend Sadia (Palwashay Yahya) takes her to the farmhouse where Hamza and Umar live. A series of incidents occur when Ayesha starts living at the farmhouse with Hamza, Umar and their helper Makkhan (Irfan Motiwala). The film brings surprising elements when the characters of Safdar (Hasham Khan) and Jibran (Tabrez Ali) enter the story. 

The romantic scenes of Namrah Shahid and Yasir Akhtar are eye catching. They are bound to remind the audience of magical scenes of Yasir Akhtar’s earlier ventures like Oh My Love, Chandni, Mera Ghar Aik Whirpool, Jayen Kahan Armaan, Sard Aag and Azaad. 

After ‘Meray Pas Tum Ho’, Shees Sajjad Gul has proven once again that acting comes naturally to him. The characters of Irfan Motiwala and Faizan Shaikh bring a lot of humourous entertainment. Run Dorangi is Namra Shahid’s best acting project up to this date. 

Another highlight of the film is the soundtrack of ‘Rung Dorangi’. The composition is memorable. The song is an amalgamation of ethnic percussions and fusion of country music with alaap by Vicky Akbar. The lyrics are written by Irfan Saleem and Yasir Akhtar. Background music and soundtrack is sequenced by Octave Studios. After the smashing success of Sansani, Take it Easy, Saiyaan and many other hit songs, Rung Dorangi’s soundtrack will be another soulful tune by Yasir Akhtar. 

Yasir Akhtar entered the field of show business as a child artist in a multinational biscuit company tv commercial. Besides producing and performing numerous super hit songs for his popular band ‘The Arid Zone’,  at a very young age Yasir Akhtar produced and directed Pakistan’s first ever pop chart show ‘Music Channel Charts’ and countless other trendsetting productions French Toast, Tapal Cinema (Pakistan’s first ever telefilm series), Mera Ghar Aik Whirpool, Jayen Kahan Armaan, Sard Aag, Film ‘Azaad’. Yasir has also given breaks to artists like Shehzad Roy, Najam Sheraz, Humayun Saeed, Fakhr e Alam, Shamoon Abbasi, Benita David, Komal Rizvi, Zara Sheikh, Tooba Siddiqui, Juvaria Abbasi, Nadeem Jafri, Armeena Rana Khan, Salman Saquib, Najaf Bilgarami and many more.  

Yasir Akhtar has always delivered projects of high quality and ‘Rung Dorangi’ will be another feather in his cap. The story is brilliantly written by renowned actor and writer Saqib Sumeer. 

The storyline and script editor is Dureen Anwer. Run Dorangi is beautifully filmed by Farman Ali Balti and edited by Ali Mohammad. 

The acting of each artist in the production is very close to life and will bring smiles to the audiences’ faces as well as tears during the dramatic scenes. ‘Rung Dorangi’ is an addition to Yasir Akhtar’s successful career. 


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