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Noor Jehan’s daughter shares memories of her mother’s friendship with Dilip Kumar

Legendary singing sensation Noor Jehan, before partition in 1947 was featured prominently in Indian films. The singer has worked with Dilip Kumar in a movie named Jugnu as well. 

Noor Jehan’s daughter recently shared some memories of her mother’s friendship with Dilip Kumar. She has stated that “Dilip Kumar and my mother Noor Jehan were friends. They met when they both were teenagers and were working in the film ‘Jugnu’ (1947). I think it was Dilip Kumar’s second film, my mother, by that time, was quite well known and was expecting her second child. They had been friends since then and there was mutual respect and love.”

She went on to say that “When my mother went to India for a concert, Dilip Kumar went on stage to announce that Madam, you have come to India after 35 years and we’ve been waiting for you since 35 years. That was very sweet. There is also a small interview on YouTube, which Dilip Kumar himself had hosted. It was the first time he was interviewing somebody. In that interview, you can see the love and affection and the friendship that the both of them shared with one and another.”

“Dilip Kumar loved music and used to speak so beautifully! That is probably the real reason for that additional affection he had for my mother. When my mother went to India, he would tell her to sing his favourite ghazals. The time that she was in India, Dilip Kumar and Yash Chopra had hosted her in Bombay. There are a lot of memories of Dilip Kumar and my mother; Saira Bano was loving towards my mother too. They had met numerous times and acknowledged one another as great friends”, Nazia said.

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