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Nora Fatehi breaks down in tears in her ‘realest’ interview to date

Nora Fatehi shared a brief clip of her recent interview on her Instagram 

The much-adored B-Town superstar Nora Fatehi is looking back at her unpleasant past and the taxing journey she had to reach the top in Bollywood.

The actor shared a brief clip of her recent interview on her Instagram and revealed how her path to fame and success was no bed of roses and had its fair share of bumps.

“You think you meet all these kind of people and realise the world is vicious but also… I will tell you why I cried because maybe other girls went through the same things as me and gave up,” she said.

“It’s so easy to give up. And I thought about the people I met, who really brought me down… Not in India, but everywhere. Even in Canada, where I was just hustling,” she continued.

“I think that any girl or even a guy, who had gone though all that, would have been shattered. They would have lost hope,” she continued.

“If a human loses hope, it’s the worst thing. I keep thinking that even if 50 percent of the things that I went through if a girl or a guy went through, it would have been one more person in the world that we would have lost.”

“They could have been a great person, a person who made an impact, a difference in the world,” she added. 

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