Only 6 out of 65 lawmakers turn up for BA session

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NAB Balochistan to hold workshop on Corruption in Health Sector

QUETTA – The Balochistan Assembly could remain in session only for ten minutes as only six legislators turned up at the scheduled meeting on Saturday and the session had to be adjourned due to lack of quorum. The session of the assembly started under the chairmanship of Deputy Speaker Matiullah Agha. Seventeen members out of 65 are required for quorum. There was no agenda for the session except a resolution regarding registration of votes. When the chair asked the mover Hamal Kalmati for tabling the resolution, a treasury bench member Ghulam Jan Baloch drew the attention of chair towards the lack of quorum. The chair adjourned the session for five minutes to complete the quorum. After break, only ten members were present in the house. Therefore, the chair adjourned the session till October 25th. Expressing strong resentment, Deputy Speaker said that the sessions of Assembly were not being held properly because of lack of interest of the members. There are 65 members, but only 10 have arrived for session, chair regretted. The provincial minister Mir Abdul Rehman Jamali also regretted over non-holding of session. There are more than 50 ministers, at least they should come to attend the session, he added. Holding of general sessions of assembly and giving agenda for them is the responsibility of government, but contrary to it, the members of treasury benches have no interest. Balochistan is facing serious crises as not only acts of sabotage are continuing but bodies of missing Baloch persons are being recovered from different areas besides incidents of target killings on ethnic and sectarian basis. According to political observers, Balochistan Assembly is the proper forum for ironing out solutions to resolve these problems but instead of that, members of assembly do not bother to attend the session. Besides it, the standing committees of current Balochistan Assembly have not been formed despite lapse of more than three years. Standing committees are the real assets of assemblies as these committees not only ensure the supremacy of assemblies over all government departments but these also play the role of check and balance also. Despite repeated requests and ruling, the treasury benches did not pay any heed towards formation of standing committees, said a source of assembly on condition of anonymity. Because of non-formation of public accounts committee of Balochistan Assembly, no action has been taken on the audit reports of many years. The source said corruption and irregularities of billions of rupees have been mentioned in these audit reports.

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