Opp has no courage to resign, says Buzdar

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10 site offices of illegal housing schemes sealed

LAHORE:­Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has said for the first time development work is being carried out in neglected areas of Punjab.

In a statement issued here on Sunday, the chief minister said the former rulers made development projects in the areas of their personal likes and dislikes.

The present government has chalked out development schemes keeping in view the basic needs of people. On the one hand, the provincial metropolis reflects development whereas on the other hand there are deprivations. The incumbent government will provide facilities in the neglected areas of Lahore. Traffic problem at specific spots will be resolved by setting up overhead bridges and underpasses, the CM said.

He said three decades have been passed and no new general hospital has been constructed despite the increase in population. After setting up of 1000-bed hospital on Ferozepur Road, more general hospitals will be constructed in other places as well, Usman Buzdar announced.

He said this is not the time for politics of agitation but to serve the suffering humanity. PDM’s alliance is only to protect their vested interests and corruption. The opposition is working on the spread of Covid-19 agenda and is on the forefront in spreading the Corona pandemic.


The increase in corona outbreak has been witnessed in the cities where the PDM’s rallies took place. The opposition is responsible for the increasing number of coronavirus cases, the CM said.

He said that are no need enemies if the one has foolish friends. These people have no fear of Allah Almighty. The dreams of the opposition have shattered. This self-centered gang will never get into trouble by tendering the resignation so it is merely a threat by the opposition.

The government will complete its tenure as it has the full support of people. The development and progress of the country and the welfare of the people is the commitment of the PTI leadership. Resignations will never be tendered even after the passage of December 31 because the PDM has become habitual of giving dates.

They will never give resignation because they know well that there will be by-election on vacant seats. This corrupt opposition has no moral courage to resign therefore they should show some mercy on the nation and give up their negative politics, the CM added. He said despite failures, the opposition is ignoring ground realities. He said the opposition will have to answer for its embezzlement and irregularities.

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