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Opposition’s agitation is useless: Buzdar

LAHORE   –  The Opposition is engaged in a futile exercise of staging agitations as the government is not facing any threat from PDM which is already facing internal chaos. This was stated by Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman in a statement on Friday. The CM regretted that these elements were trying to fulfil the enemy’s agenda by creating a state of anarchy in the country. “Those who try to weaken the national interest cannot be the leaders”, he declared.

Usman Buzdar condemned the Opposition’s drive to divide the nation and maintained that it was unconscious about its duties towards the public as well as the country. These elements are putting the national interest at stake for the sake of gaining some political mileage, he regretted.

He said there was no room for negative politics and the perpetrators of negativity should realize facts because the nation needed unity and brotherhood.


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