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Oprah Winfrey looks into finding source of mental health struggles

Oprah Winfrey has opened up about how she is looking into her past trauma in a bid to understand how it impacted her mental well-being.

The journalist spoke to her What Happened to You? co-author Dr. Bruce Perry sat down for the Mental Health Coalition’s 1-2-1 series and explored how she continues to work through her mental health struggles.

“I started thinking about what happened to me in my life to make me who I am,” she said.

“Why do I have the fears [and] the apprehensions that I carried for a long time? That question is invaluable for anybody who is interested in self-evolvement [and] self-awareness.

“What I had learned is if you didn’t get what you need at that age, you spend your life searching for that thing based upon what happened [to you],

“Or, as Bruce says in our book, What Happened to You?, it’s what happened to you and [it’s] equally as important as what didn’t happen to you.

“In my case, why [do] you have this disease to please?

“Why [do[ you have a problem in confrontation? Or why [are you] so confrontational?”

Oprah has, multiple times, opened up about her abusive childhood and how she was sexually assaulted at the hands of her own cousin.

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