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Over 75 per cent of Karachi is exempt from load-shed: K Electric

KARACHI PR – According to K-Electric Spokesperson, “KE is focused on serving the evolving needs of its customers. With this resolve, we continue to invite feedback as we drive improvement in our services across the board. With the support of the communities we operate in, we have overcome theft and brought a steady supply of power to the city; today over 75 per cent of Karachi is exempt from load-shed, with industries exempt since 2010. Reducing price of electricity is beyond mandate of distribution companies in Pakistan, including KE. Under the Uniform Tariff Policy, category-wise rates for consumers are also the same across the country. KE spokesperson further said, “Policy load-shed follows the prevailing guidelines set by the relevant authorities, and is directly linked with theft of electricity. Areas with high rates of theft compromise our system’s integrity and experience load shed. With support from our customers and by continued investments in communities, we are driving improvements and achieving the vision for a brighter Karachi.”


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