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Pakistan Cables develops first urban forest on industrial estate at Nooriabad

KARACHI – Pakistan Cables Limited has led the way in establishing a first of its kind industrial urban forest in the country. The Pakistan Cables Urban forest is spread across 2.5 acres and is home to approximately 40,000 trees. Planting of trees commenced in 2019, at the Pakistan Cables new factory site, construction of which is underway at Nooriabad. Based on the proven method of urban forestation from Japan and developed by Akira Miyawaki, it has been implemented by renowned entrepreneur of the Urban Forest, Shahzad Qureshi in Pakistan. Kamal A. Chinoy, Executive Director – Pakistan Cables, who has been spearheading the initiative, shared his views at a media briefing held earlier. “It’s imperative that as an industry we work towards uplifting the living standards of our planet. Urban forests promote a healthier environment and most importantly environmental education among the public at large. By developing the Urban Forest in an industrial estate, we hope to inspire others to step forward and join us in giving back to our planet.” Fifty-nine indigenous species are planted in the Urban Forest some of which include: amla, anar, amaltas, barna, injeer, mango, mulberry, neem, pilu, pipal, pilkhan, sukhchen, kandi, kikar, khobani, roheda, and so on. “These forests require minimum care, commitment and knowledge. Miyawaki’s technique makes the trees grow ten times faster than in nature, creating a self-sustaining forest within two to three years”, said Shahzad Qureshi. The Pakistan Cables Urban Forest is designed as a self-sustaining eco system. The company has had a history of supporting various CSR initiative that impact communities. “As a responsible corporate citizen, giving back to the society is an inherent part of our approach. To build on this further we have taken a bold step by successfully establishing an urban forest for the first time in an industrial concern. What is most encouraging is that we have been able to transform the arid surroundings of Nooriabad into a lush and vibrant forest, said Fahd K. Chinoy, CEO Pakistan Cables Ltd. According to experts, forest typically takes a hundred years to mature. The urban forest grown using the Miyawaki technique are set to grow 10 times faster, are 30 times as dense and 100 times more biodiverse. Keeping in view the diverse nature of the initiative, the urban forest will continually be developed over time.

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