‘Palace intruder’ reveals what happened during biggest royal security breach

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‘Palace intruder’ reveals what happened during biggest royal security breach

All those who have binge-watched Netflix’s The Crown recently would be familiar with a man named Michael Fagan.

Known more popularly as the ‘palace intruder’, Fagan’s storyline was depicted through the Peter Morgan series with some fictitious elements.

Fagan himself, recalls that his encounter with Queen Elizabeth II rolled out a lot differently than was shown on The Crown.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Fagan claims that after breaking into the monarch’s bedroom, they barely chatted the way it was shown on screens.

He claims that Her Majesty simply asked him: “What are you doing here?”

“She talks like me and you, normal. Well, I sound a bit common so maybe not like that. But very normal,” he said.

He further recalled how he sat on her bed while she told him she would be back in a minute. “She walked out on her little legs. Then a footman comes in and goes, ‘You look like you need a drink, mate.’”


“He pours me a whisky out of the pantry. Then the policemen came and they were all over the place – they hadn’t arrested anyone for years, they were on a retirement posting, on guard duty. One of them was fumbling around for his notebook,” he said.

“She never had a four-poster bed. And she’s got a little thing where she does her teas and coffees,” he added.

For the unversed, Fagan confessed to The Sun that he had entered Her Majesty’s bedroom 40 years earlier as he was persistent on her helping him. He recalled how the Queen had demanded to know what he was doing inside her room before she dashed out to get security, back in July 1982.

This incident has been named the worst royal security breaches of the 20th century as Fagan climbed into the palace through an open window, in spite of strict security.

According to Fagan, he had been “depressed” after his wife parted ways with him.

He told the outlet that he had been burdened with the responsibility of raising four children on his own and only wanted to know if the Queen could help him deal with his problems.

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