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Parineeti Chopra on getting success after a four-year slump in her career

‘I feel blessed and grateful to get so much love and appreciation for my movies,’ said Parineeti Chopra

B-Town actor Parineeti Chopra is speaking about basking in success after her career took a nosedive for a while.

During an interview with Hindustan Times, the actor revealed how she determines the success of her films through the word of mouth instead of through box office collections.

“It has been crazy because it’s unbelievable. We are in times when films are being pushed and the industry is not doing well, as it was not safe to go the theatres and now they are shut. Not that anyone was looking at box office collections, as for me, success is measured by word of mouth,” she said.

“I feel blessed and grateful to get so much love and appreciation for my movies one after the other. This vote of confidence has come after a really long time, many ups and downs in my films, finally I had success.”

“I was told no other actor has had three releases in a month and all three did well. All the praise coming my way makes me feel I am back in the game. March releases were the biggest risk takers as theatres weren’t functioning in full capacity, so I feel validated as an actor,” she shared.

“People telling me I am a bankable actor is not something I have heard in the last four years. People were not impressed with the work I was doing, so now I feel joyous and relieved that I am back,” she added.

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