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Parineeti Chopra opens up about getting body-shamed in the past

‘They shouldn’t strive to be the skinniest. You can be fit at your body-type,’ said Parineeti Chopra

B-Town beauty queen Parineeti Chopra is not one to shy away from calling out the wrongs happening all around her. 

The actor opened up about body-shaming and how she used to get criticized before for the way she used to look before she underwent a major weight loss.

Giving an interview to Bollywood Bubble, Parineeti said: “I agreed with them that I wasn’t looking my best. And, I wasn’t doing my best for my fitness. I think, I would’ve gotten hurt if I was doing everything that I could and I was really my fittest, and then people didn’t like the way I looked. I think that would’ve affected me.”

“Because I got to work and I took a little bit of a break and got to work on my fitness and my health, I was so engrossed in myself in such a positive way and I knew that after six months or after a year if I show myself, fitter,” she continued.

“It is the most ridiculous thing on Earth. It’s like shaming somebody for having black eyes. It is something natural and what you are born with. But, every human being should strive to be their fittest,” she shared.

“They shouldn’t strive to be the skinniest. You can be fit at your body-type. The problem is that you compare yourself to people who are onscreen, was skinny, or not skinny. You just have to be at your fittest,” she added.

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