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— the Pride of Performance, an award bestowed on Pakistan Day to recognise people who have made an exceptional, meritorious contribution to the field of literature, art, sports, science and education and how it is being misused to favour some of those who do not deserve it. People say this award should only be conferred with the intended spirit to commend outstanding individuals who devote years of service to society and the country and a proper committee of non-biased persons should make the final decision.

— the alarming manner in which the civil administration collapsed in the face of mob violence and the eventual decision to ban the party responsible for the mayhem. People say this kind of situation would not have arisen if a policy of appeasement had not been followed for the sake of political expediency because it is a well-known fact that anything — whether it is of nature or human origin — will grow larger and unmanageable if it is not restrained.

— the change in the cabinet, the fourth time in three years. People say that constantly reshuffling ministers is not a solution to the problem of ‘low performance’ because it takes a few weeks for an appointee to become familiar with his/her new ministry and just when they are getting familiar with their work, he/she is removed to another slot and has to begin again, besides which it shows a lack of confidence in those who support the ruling coalition.

— the spectacle of the mob beating police officers and taking them hostage and on the other hand, the disturbing videos on social media of some security personnel approvingly responding to the crowd. People wonder whether those who supported the rioters were afraid of being treated like their colleagues who were manhandled, or whether they are genuine supporters of the party and if so, selectors need to ascertain these facts when recruiting new personnel who should be neutral when performing their duty.

— the news that the Punjab government is going to give amnesty to illegal housing schemes and let them go ahead with their nefarious activities. People say when will the government realise that giving amnesty to tax dodgers and those who indulge in illegal activities is as bad as giving NRO’s to political individuals and only encourages others with the same swindling mindset go ahead and do the same, knowing that it will only take time before their illegal activities are declared legal?

— the good news that the KP government has decided to legislate against the awful custom of Swara – in which the side that loses arbitration has to marry off women from its family to the other side. People say it’s about time this ancient, repressive custom was done away with because an individual (read girls and women) should not be punished for someone else’s wrongdoing and hopefully this will save many girls from this cruel fate.

— the appreciation being shown to security personnel for handling the recent riots and how it is a change from the bashing they usually receive on most occasions. People say while the police do have a negative reputation just because of a few rotten eggs in their midst, appreciation for their work is seldom voiced by the government as well as the general public mainly because we are a nation of grumblers and only see the negative aspects of life. – I.H

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