People provided  free treatment at eye camps 

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Peshawar-The Directorate General Health Services Khyber Pakhtunkhwa organised ‘free eye camps’ in sub-division Peshawar, sub-division Kohat, and tribal districts Bajaur, Orakzai, and Khyber, during last two months. 

The provincial Health departments’ ‘Eye Care Services’ programme organised these free eye camps in sub-division Peshawar areas Rahimabad, Kohi Hassan Khel, BHU Gul Akbar, and FATA University Darra Adam Khel, BHU Tor Chaper and Zarghun Khel areas of sub-division Kohat. Similarly, camps were also held in Nawagi, Mamund and Barang hospitals of Bajaur, Shaho Khel Lalbaz Gora, Kalaya, Yakh Kndawo, Anjani BHU of Orakzia, and Sheen Kamar and Spina Tiga areas of tribal district Khyber under the supervision of DG Health Services Dr Niaz Muhammad. 

In these free eye camps patients were provided services like free check-up, provision of medicines, reading glasses to the presbyopic patients and registration of patients for contract surgeries. The aim of the free eye camps was to provide quality health services to patient having eye problems at their door steps.

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