PHC continues action against quacks

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NAB Balochistan to hold workshop on Corruption in Health Sector

LAHORE  –  The Punjab Healthcare Commission has sealed 91 quackery outlets after its enforcement teams had raided 726 treatment centres in 19 cities during the last week. Out of the visited centres, the PHC will continue surveillance of 330 treatment centres, whereas 233 quacks’ shops have been either shut down or converted to other businesses. The enforcement teams had carried out 230 raids in Rawalpindi and Jhelum, and sealed 10 centres in each district, 69 raids in Rahim Yar Khan to close down 12 backstreet clinics, 46 each in Vehari and Bahawalpur to shutter 6, 30 each in Lahore and Multan to shut five and one respectively. In the rest of the districts, on average 23 centres were raided, and quacks’ businesses were shuttered down. In Lahore, Ijaz Clinic, Afzal Dental Care Centre, Ishaq Dental Clinic, Shahzad Clinic and Sardar Pansar Store were sealed. A spokesperson of the PHC also said that so far the Commission had sealed more than 29,000 quackery centres, while 18,690 quacks had shuttered their outlets fearing action. Moreover, fines over Rs620 million had been imposed on the quacks by the PHC hearing committees.

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