PIMS protesters to announce new deadline for withdrawal

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Islamabad : Following a round of successful negotiations with the PM’s Special Assistant Ali Awan, the Federal Grand Health Alliance (FGHA) Tuesday announced an extension in the January 5 deadline served to the government for withdrawal of the Medical Teaching Institutions (MTI) Ordinance.

“We will announe a new deadline after receiving a response from the government,” FGHA’s Chairman Dr. Asfandyar Khan stated while addressing protesters at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) here on the 37th day of the strike.

FGHA’s Spokesman Dr. Hyder Abbasi quoted Ali Awan as having assured an end to the ongoing crisis facing the medical fraternity. “We have communicated our grievances to him and will announce a new deadline for withdrawal of the legislation. However, the protest will continue till we get a written assurance from the government. Our next strategy will be framed, depending on how the government appeases our plight,” he said.

A large number of protestants showed up at the PIMS protest ground on Tuesday present despite rainf, and vowed not to surrender, no matter how long they have to remain on roads. On seeing the hospital’s Executive Director Dr. Anser Maxood, the protestants started chanting slogans against him and called him a traitor. They see the ED as a person who has made no positive contributions towards of PIMS in last two years, and has, on the contrary, allegedly served as a faciliatator of implementation of MTI for his own self-interests. The ED has been awarded two positions in the new system.


Meanwhile, leaders of the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) also visited PIMS to express solidarity with the protesters. Demanding immediate withdrawal of MTI, TLP leader Ch. Rizwan Saifa said, “It is sad that the heroes of the nation are on roads for the last 37 days and the government does not have the time to listen to them.” He announced participation in the protest till the demands of the PIMS employees are met.

A large number of doctors and nurses also joined the protest. Prof. Dr. Zahoor Ahmed saluted the employees for their commitment while Sister Naila Jessica rejected the injustice being slapped on PIMS employees in the form of MTI.

Dr. Farhan Faisal, YDA Leaders Dr. Faiz Achakzai, Dr. Taiq Khan, Dr. Sher, Dr. Imran Zaib and others also addressed the crowd.

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