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PMC serves notice of voluntary severance package to 12 officials

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) on Wednesday served notice of a voluntary severance package to above one dozen of its officials which were part of the dissolved Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. 

Earlier, the PMC had made these officials as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) in a row restricting them from attending the office. 

The officials served with the notice of voluntary severance package, dubbed the offer as a discriminatory move forcing them to leave the job with the very low benefits after serving the government run medical regulatory body for around two decades. 

Officials at PMC said that the sixth council meeting of the PMC had decided to give two golden handshake schemes to the PMDC employees. One was the voluntary scheme and the other was compulsory.

“If officials will not avail the voluntary scheme, they will be awarded compulsory golden handshake scheme which has very less benefits,” said a senior official of the PMC. 

Officials said that the compulsory golden handshake scheme was sent to cabinet for approval which was returned with objection. The letter served to the officials made OSD said that “pursuant to the powers vested in the medical and dental council under section B(2) (a) of the Pakistan Medical Commission Act, 2020, the Council has duly approved a voluntary severance package to be offered to eligible employees of the Pakistan Medical Commission.  It said that in view of your eligibility to avail the package, you are hereby offered the same. You are required to accept the offer within a period of 10 days from the date of this letter failing which it shall be considered and deemed a refusal on your part to accept the offer. 

It added that in the event of refusal, you shall not be entitled to benefit from the scheme or avail of it. The notice said that pursuant to the voluntary severance package, the gross amount payable to you, subject to final accounts and any deduction of tax, at the time of voluntary severance is given.

It also said that the mentioned amount includes and represents ex-gratia payment for period served and period unserved up to the age of retirement, gratuity payments due under your current contract, refund of amounts deposited on account of any defunct schemes with PMDC and adjustment of any other due benefits or deduction of outstanding loans etc.

The letter said that your due current salary for the period served in the current month shall be included in the final amount to be determined by the Finance Division.

It said that on acceptance of Voluntary Service Package, legal/disciplinary proceedings, if any pending against you shall be abated. If you elect to accept the voluntary severance package, please visit the office of the member administration, and execute the voluntary severance package acceptance form.   

The letter said that upon execution of the voluntary severance package acceptance form, the Finance Division shall make payment of the amount to you within seven days.   

The Nation contacted PMC Communication Officer Sarmad Hassan for comments, he took queries, however, did not reply till filing of this story.

Earlier, the PMC had said that the officials who were made OSD were still PMC salaried individuals. They will be assigned to their new tasks shortly as per departmental requirements.

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