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PPP leaders slate dist admin policies, police in Mohmand

mohmand   –  Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP), district Mohmand chapter, on Monday accused the district administration and police of hatching conspiracies against the local political figures aimed to thwart the merger. 

Addressing a news conference at Mohmand Press Club, PPP Mohmand district leaders spoke on various issues and problems being faced by the local people. Arshad Bakhtiar, PPP district Mohmand Vice President, Shah Sawar, General Secretary, Jangriz Khan, Arshad Khan and Fazal Hadi expressed their views on the occasion. 

The PPP local leaders alleged that the Deputy Commissioner and DPO were engaged in conspiracies against the political figures of Mohmand district and were trying to thwart the merger. They said that during the visits of provincial and federal ministers, political parties were totally ignored. 

They claimed that drug trafficking was increasing day-by-day in the area due to lack of employment opportunities in the tribal district. They said that Ekkaghund to Ghalani Road and Ambar to Pandialai Road were in dilapidated condition and the people were suffering severely. The educational standard was also deteriorating due to lack of internet and other resources in the area, they added.  

Speaking on the occasion, PPP Mohmand district Vice President Arshad Bakhtiar said that the administration had been pursuing a failed policy against the political figures and the people were being deprived of the fruits of the merger.

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