Prices of vegetables hit new heights

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Islamabad:The prices of most essential commodities, especially seasonal vegetables, continue to rise unabated in the twin cities thus further increasing the woes of the common people who have already been facing record price hike for last so many months.

A survey of markets shows that tomatoes, an essential ingredient of almost all dishes, are being sold between Rs170 and Rs180 per kilogramme while the prices of ginger witnessed record high as it is being sold for Rs620 per kilogramme.

The prices of one kilogramme of potatoes and ‘shimla mirch’ have increased up to Rs70 and Rs200 respectively.

Many consumers were also of the view that how they can expect any relief if the government increases rates of food products so frequently instead of monitoring whether the prices have been jacked up artificially or because of any demand and supply gap.

Arooj Fatima, a visitor at I-8 Market, said “Even simple vegetables as potatoes and onions have gone beyond the range of the common man. The food products that should be easily available in plenty and at reasonable prices time and again suddenly disappear from the market,”

She said: “It is high time that the government should take effective measures to bring down the prices of essential commodities and take strict action against hoarders and profiteers.”

Tariq Zia, a visitor at Aabpara Market, said, “I think the traders and middlemen are real beneficiaries of current price hike and everyone else now feels helpless against them. Sometimes we hear that containers are not coming from Afghanistan and some other time we are informed that containers from China have got stuck due to bad weather. One cannot understand what is happening here and who is calling the shots.”

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