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Prince Charles, Camilla face ‘series of problems’ due to Princess Diana

Prince Charles and Camilla’s relation has reportedly suffered a great number of problems, all due to Princess Diana’s popularity.

This report was brought forward by royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams. During his interview with Express UK he claimed, “Charles will be the next king and nothing foreseeably will alter that. It is not a popularity contest.”

“He will ascend the throne better prepared than any of his predecessors given his long wait as Prince of Wales. His work for charity, particularly his Trust which has helped over a million young people and his campaigning for the environment are remarkable.”

“It is however true that Charles and Camilla face a problem as a series of events over the coming months will ensure that Diana features prominently in the news.”

“There is the inquiry into how her interview with Panorama was obtained and the unveiling of her statue in the Sunken Garden, Kensington Palace. Also 25 years after her death next year when the next Season of The Crown, which will feature events which marked the disintegration of her marriage, is also expected to be released. Also there will be a new film, Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart as Diana.”

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