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Prince Charles planning ‘PR strategy’ to ‘marginalize royal liabilities’

Prince Charles has high plans for a catch-all PR strategy that is said to handle ‘royal liabilities’

The news has been brought forward by royal historian Dr. Edward Owens and according to his warning, Prince Charles is working alongside the Firm to formulate “a public relations strategy with a greater emphasis on the line of succession.”

He also pointed out that the Cambridge’s are being made to undertake a greater workload, one that would “otherwise been allocated to the likes of Prince Harry and Meghan, and Prince Andrew as well.”

He also told Express, “You’ve lost three key members of the Royal Family that, up until the autumn of 2019, had very public and very important roles and were maintaining a number of key responsibilities and performing lots of duties.”

“You’ve lost three key members of the Royal Family – Andrew to scandal and obviously Harry and Meghan because they’ve chosen different paths.”

Before concluding he claimed, “I think we’ve already seen the Cambridges trying to redefine their roles and to take on a more public presence in order to focus attention on the key line of succession.”

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