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Prince Harry fuming after being ‘forced into silence’ over Princess Diana inquest

Prince Harry is reportedly fuming over being forced to stay silent during the Princess Diana inquest.

The claim was brought forward by Mr. Larcombe and in his piece for The Mirror he shed light on Prince Harry’s anguish over the ‘forced silence’.

He was quoted saying, “Harry was furious at the official statement his ‘father’s people’ had issued on his behalf, welcoming the inquest findings.”

“As far as he was concerned he’d been forced into silence, denied the chance of paying a personal tribute to his beloved mother.”

“When I plucked up the courage to ask him why he had not simply instructed the men in grey suits to issue a statement he was happy with, his answer remains ingrained in my memory. ‘Because they don’t work for me, they work for my father,’ Harry barked back.”

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