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Princess Diana reunion ‘starting point of healing’ between William, Harry

LONDON   –  Prince Harry and William have showed signs of progress in their relationship during Princess Diana’s memorial unveiling. The two brothers have taken baby steps in healing their feud, believe a number of royal experts. Royal commentator and author Katie Nicholl shared, “I think the simple fact is that Diana would be devastated that the brothers have fallen out. She would have hated it. She said to the boys ‘whatever you do, stick together,’ and they haven’t. They’ve come unstuck.”

She explained, “But today, I think this statue represents a glue that will begin to heal. It’s going to take more than just this to heal the rift but there has to be a starting point in the getting back together process.” Historian Robert Lacey added, “What could be a better starting point than this? They are both there to pay tribute to and reflect on their mother and what she stood for.” The author of Battle of Brothers further said, “Harry’s pleased to be back in England, on his own home territory with his family. 

I think we can read positive vibrations into what we’ve just seen. Obviously, it’s not going to be a total reconciliation, but I think it’s its first baby steps towards some sort of new arrangement in the future.”

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