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PTI resolves decades’ old problems in just two years’ rule: Sabeen Gul

MULTAN – MPA Sabeen Gul Khan hailed PTI’s government for it had taken concrete steps to resolve decades’ old masses problems in just two-years of rule, with meting out challenges at diplo­matic front that had never been taken up seriously in past. 

Talking to media on Tuesday, she counted Prime Minister’s ‘Ehsaas Program’ as milestone achievement came out through disbursement of financial aid worth over Rs10 billion to fa­cilitate citizens affected by CO­VID-19. 

Since the inception of the E-credit scheme, a total of 434,000 interest-free loans to small farmers were given which increased digital literacy and financial inclusion in over 150,000 households. 

She said that productivity of wheat, rice and sugarcane was increased tremendously through ‘National Programs for Enhancing Profitability’ launched under Prime Minis­ter’s Initiative. 

Under the umbrella of these programmes, subsidised seed for wheat on 432,371 acres were provided in 2019-20. 

To substitute the import of edible oils, National Oil Seed Enhancement Programme was launched and subsidised seeds of canola on 14,612 acres and sun­flower on 27,224 acres were pro­vided. About 897 flour mills were digitally registered and more than 2 million tons of wheat pur­chased by the government. 

Police Khidmat Markaz is launched by PM to facilitate around 9 million overseas Pakistanis

The MPA said that Police Kh­idmat Markaz was launched by the PM on February 15, 2020 to facilitate around 9 million overseas Pakistanis in getting six services including character certificate, tenant registration, reporting of crime, national sta­tus verification etc. in 27 coun­tries across the globe. 

Referring introduction of the biggest canal system in the country, she said Jalalpur Irriga­tion Canal was created with the cost of Rs32,721 million proved another feather in the cap of incumbent government. This canal would enhance agricul­tural production by providing irrigation supplies to 160,000 acres of land. Similarly, the con­struction of Greater Thal Canal was also announced at cost of Rs16,800 million. The Canal would bring 294,110 acres of Thal Desert under cultivation. 

A local PTI leader Ali Sad­dique, adding up performance of the government in its two years rule, highlighted the proj­ect of Saline Water Aquacul­ture Research Centre (SWARC) constructed in South Punjab, and establishment of fish seed hatchery & creation of research facility at Bhaseen, Lahore. 

Terming Green Pakistan Pro­gram a dream of Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan, he said that it had revived wildlife resources in the province. 

The project would also pro­mote awareness and motivation among stakeholders for sus­tainable use and management of habitats and species. 

He said the government had well initiated Ten Billion Tree Program Tsunami to plant over 466 million plants over 801,882 acres land bore no ex­ample in the past.

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