Qadri expresses gratitude to MHP for capacity building of public hospitals

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PESHAWAR – Fed­eral Minister for Re­ligious Affairs Noorul Haq Qadri on Monday visited Civil Hospital, Jamrud in merged dis­trict of Khyber and ex­pressed gratitude to ‘Muslim Hands Paki­stan’ (MHP) for provid­ing medical equipment to the hospital for its capacity building. Ad­dressing the ceremony held to hand over the medical equipment provided by the Mus­lim Hands Pakistan to the hospital adminis­tration, the minister thanked Syed Javed Gi­lani of MHP for provid­ing the equipment and expressed the hope that such acts of generos­ity would continue in future as well. Earlier, he handed over oxygen cylinders, gauge masks, table ventilators, nebu­lizers, patients’ bed, drip stands and several other items to the hospital ad­ministration. MS Jamrud Hospital Dr Zain Afridi, MS Landi Kotal Hospital Dr Naek Dada Afridi, Se­nior PTI representative Haji Jamal Afridi, Chair­man Zakat Committee Ehsanullah Jandi and others were also present on the occasion.

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