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Rehman Malik urges govt to take FATF case to ICJ

ISLAMABAD-Former Interior Minister and Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator Rehman Malik yesterday urged the government to take the Financial Action Task Force to the International Court of Justice for being highly biased.

The lawmaker strongly reacted to the FATF decision of keeping Pakistan on the grey list until June despite significant progress and has termed the decision as highly biased and influenced by anti-Pakistan propaganda.  

He said that it what a gross injustice to Pakistan that FATF again kept Pakistan on its Grey List till June 2021 while Pakistan had implemented 24 demands out of 27. 

He said instead of removing Pakistan’s name, FATF announced “Pakistan remains under increased monitoring”. He has asked the government to adopt aggressive policy and drag FATF to the International Court of Justice for being highly biased.

Senator Rehman Malik questioned Marcus Pleyer, President FATF what was the need to praise Pakistan when despite significant progress yet the FATF failed to take Pakistan out of the grey list.  

He said: “It is a hypocritical statement by President FATF whereas Pakistan has already lost $38 billion because of being on the grey list”. He asked will FATF cover our huge economic loss because of its discrimination adding Pakistan should react strongly instead of falling into trap of FATF. He said that the government should not start praising FATF to reciprocate their hollow praises as it is a trap to block Pakistan not to react to its decision. 

He also said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must not take any credit for praises or not being placed on the blacklist but should react over keeping Pakistan on the grey list till June as the fact is that we were not out of the grey list but will be further hammered under increased monitoring.

Senator Rehman Malik said that FATA once again has shown utter biasness and element of discrimination with Pakistan. He said that he had lodged a formal complaint in FATF with all evidence against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his associates for their involvement in Money Laundering and Terror financing but despite all evidence, FATF refused to initiate any case against them.  He said that on the demand of FATF, Pakistan has done extensive legislation and amendments in various laws while no such demands are ever made from any country of the world. 

He said that he had predicted and stated publicly that FATF will not remove Pakistan from its grey list till the issue of Afghanistan is resolved. He urged the government to move ICJ against the biased decision of FATF where no action against India is being initiated while Pakistan is discriminated time and again.

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