Robbers mug house of daughter of Dr AQ Khan

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ISLAMABAD   –   Armed gangs of robbers mugged house of daughter of Pakistan’s atomic scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan at Sector E-7, informed sources on Thursday.

The incident took place within limits of Police Station (PS) Kohsar while a case has also been registered by police against unknown robbers. According to details, a gang of armed robbers arrived in a white coloured car in E-7 and stormed into the house of Ayesha Khan in broad day light. The robbers made the entire family members hostage on gunpoint and collected gold, cash and other valuables. The robbers fled from scene after committing crime, sources said. 


A case has been registered against the robbers on complaint of Ayesha Khan, daughter of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. However, no arrest or recovery was made so far. Superintendent of Police (SP) City Zone Umer Khan, when contacted for his comments, confirmed the house robbery. He said the house robbery case is being interrogated jointly by police and Crime Investigation Agency. It has proved during preliminary investigation that Bilal Sabit gang is involved in the house robbery and police are making efforts to handcuff the accused, he said. “We have reached very near to robbers and will arrest them soon,” vowed SP Umar Khan. In yet another incident of street crime, a gang of four dacoits having guns into hands snatched cash Rs1 million from a trader of cattle at Kaak Bridge, the precinct of PS Sihala. The dacoits reportedly shot and injured two men over showing resistance. A case has been registered against the unknown dacoits by the Sihala police, sources said. SP Saddar Zone Farooq Amjad Bhutter, however, when contacted, rejected the impression that the dacoits fired and injured any citizen. 

He said dacoits intercepted the cattle trader Zulfiqar and others and snatched cash Rs1 million on gunpoint. He said a dacoit hit a man with pistol handle over resistance. “This case is very confusing and doubtful as the victim trader claimed he had Rs2.3 million out of which Rs1 million was snatched by dacoits,” said SP adding that police are investigating the case from different angles and would arrest the dacoits soon.

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