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Sarwar opens telemedicine service for Palestinians

LAHORE:The University of Health Sciences (UHS) has launched telemedicine service for Palestinians. Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar inaugurated the service here at UHS on Thursday.

Addressing on the occasion, Ch Sarwar said that it was unbelievable that such oppression could happen to Palestinians in the 21st century. He called Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a killer. “Unfortunately, the international community has turned a blind eye to Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians. I have seen for the first time that children, media, mosques are being attacked indiscriminately”, he added.

Punjab governor questioned where was the Muslim Ummah at present. “Why don’t Muslim countries wake up? One and a half billion Muslims need to be united”, he said adding that the Pakistani people stood with their Palestinian brothers in these testing times. He said that Friday (today) would be observed as a day of solidarity with our Palestinian brothers.

The Punjab governor said that Pakistani doctors were ready to go to Palestine. “My wife Parveen Sarwar will also go to Palestine with the medical mission”. He further said the business community had raised Rs 100 million to help the Palestinians. The governor lauded the services of UHS VC Prof Javed Akram and said that he was a very capable doctor and through his efforts, telemedicine centres were established on such short notice.

UHS Vice-Chancellor Prof Javed Akram said that due to the ongoing barbarism in Palestine, his varsity started this telemedicine service for the injured and the sick. “Website for the treatment of the wounded in Palestine (http://www.Doctors247.online) is functional and any patient can register on this website and get treatment online”, he informed.

Prof Javed Akram further said that he would go to Gaza with a medical mission and relief goods. In this regard, he would meet the Palestinian ambassador in Islamabad on Tuesday and would also visit the UN office. “We will do everything possible to help our Palestinian brothers. Even if we are not allowed to enter Gaza, we will set up a temporary hospital on the Egyptian border”, he resolved. Prof Javed Akram claimed that he had the full support of various medical organisations on this issue.

Palestinian ambassador Ahmad Rabaie and CEO Edhi Foundation Faisal Edhi attended the event virtually. On this occasion, the Palestinian ambassador thanked the Pakistani people for their sentiments.

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