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Saudi Arabia’s latest COVID-19 vaccine condition leaves Pakistani travelers in difficulty

Saudi Arabia’s new terms and conditions regarding coronavirus vaccinations have left Pakistani travelers, intending to travel to the kingdom in a tight spot, as not even a single Chinese manufactured vaccination has been included in the list of acceptable vaccinations to enter the kingdom.

One of the most commonly used vaccination in Pakistan is being manufactured by China, leaving Pakistanis in qualms as to how to travel to the kingdom, under such conditions.  

The kingdom has recommended Oxford, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccinations only. 

In case of non conformity with the conditions regarding recommended vaccinations, the travelers would have to go through a self financed quarantine period in Saudi Arabia.

The aforementioned conditions shall be executed from May 20.

On February 2, Pakistan started its COVID-19 vaccine drive, after the first batch of Sinopharm vaccination from China was received by Pakistan. 

It is pertinent to note that Sinopharm has shown 79% effectiveness lately.

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