‘Savour Foods’ asked to take life safety measures, prevent fire incident  

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ISLAMABAD – Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) has asked ‘Savour Foods’ management to take life safety measures to avoid possible fire incident at the Islamabad premises.

In a letter written by the Emergency and Disaster Management directorate of the MCI to the “Savour Foods” management, the latter has been asked to comply with the Islamabad Fire Prevention and Life Safety Regulations as the MCI Team found them indifferent to the life safety measures, during an inspection of the Blue Area branch carried out in the 2nd week of November. The food outlet has several branches in twin cities. The letter said that the Savour Foods is a public place/restaurant in the city where hundreds of thousands of people visit every day. 


“The premises is, however, inviting fire incident due to the risk present in the shape of almost ‘Nil’ fire protective and preventive measures,” said the letter. Giving details of what the inspection team viewed as poor safety measures, the letter further said that the kitchen was operational with stoves having high flame besides closed-door environment. It said that the situation at the kitchen was inviting fire incident. The letter said that non-compliance of the directives may lead to sealing of the premises.

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