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Separate group formed after Punjab govt’s action against my supporters: Tareen

Estranged PTI leader Jahangir Tareen said Wednesday that his supporters had decided to form a separate group after the Punjab government initiated “revenge actions” against his supporters.

Tareen, however, quickly denied reports he was forming a forward bloc in the party. “We were part of the PTI, we are part of the PTI and we will continue to remain part of the PTI,” he announced outside the banking court where he had appeared for a hearing.

Tareen was accompanied by his supporters, who include Punjab government ministers and other lawmakers of the PTI.

“There is no investigation against me going on relating to the sugar scandal,” he said, adding that the three FIRs registered against him were not filed in any sugar inquiry.

Tareen said his “supporters” were standing with him as far as, what he referred to as the “fake” FIR against him, adding that the pro-Tareen group had met the prime minister.

Speaking about the inquiry into his allegations led by Barrister Ali Zafar, Tareen said he had met him and had given a detailed explanation to him as well.

“I am confident the report will be given to the prime minister soon,” he said.


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