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Sonu Sood addresses the need for ‘advance planning’ amid covid-19 surges

Sonu Sood addresses the need for ‘advance planning’ amid covid-19 surges

Actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood recently sat down and got candid about the need to ‘over-prepare’ for covid-19 amid recent surges in cases.

According to a report by Mid-Day Sood was quoted saying, “We have a Zoom meeting with them after 20 days. We should get our first set [of oxygen plants]. We are working on the logistics, and will put things together. I am learning a lot of things as we go about dealing with the pandemic.”

“The idea is to be prepared for the third wave. We have upped the number of members on the team that is catering to rural areas so that we can reach out to everyone. A group of 400 people work on every call. We have realised that there are three major factors that people are struggling with — acquiring oxygen, hospital beds, and injections. I am sure that the government is doing its bit, but, it’s important to put things together in advance, this time around.”

The actor didn’t even hold back or mince any words when he claimed, “Only one to two per cent of our GDP is spent on healthcare. So, we were never prepared for a pandemic. Yes, India is a densely populated country, but that can’t be an excuse. We have to admit that we went wrong.”

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