SOPs violations continue unabated

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Rawalpindi : No doubt, government ministers are staging 4 to 6 press conferences on coronavirus topic on daily basis and warning public not to attend political processions but unable to devise proper planning to implement standard operating procedures (SOPs) in markets and shopping malls where the majority of citizens are freely violating them.

The locals could be seen moving freely in markets, shopping malls and other public places even in the areas where ‘Smart Lockdown’ was imposed without masks but concerned authorities are looking at the whole drama with closed eyes.

On the directions of the Punjab Home Department, the local administration in Rawalpindi some four days back imposed a smart lockdown at 19 hotspots areas of coronavirus. But, the public was moving freely in all areas in Rahim Town, Muslim Town, Gulshanabad, Shakriyal, Asif Colony, Adiala, Daryabad, Gawalmandi, Qasimabad, Naik Alam, Bagh Sardaran, Safdarabad, Sadiq Colony, Dhoke Najju, Khayaban-e-Sir Syed, Waris Khan, Gulistan Colony, Tulsa, and Garibabad where local administration has imposed smart lockdown till December 21.

The local administration’s smart lockdown in these areas was only on papers in fact citizens freely moving here and there without masks and openly violating SOPs. The metro busses are packed with commuters while public transport vehicles also violating SOPs. All wagons, buses and Suzuki pickups are packed with passengers. Even the majority of passengers are travelling on rooftops or busses and Suzuki.

All parks are packed with families and children are freely moving without masks. All theatres are running with house full shows. It was difficult even to walk at Raja Bazaar, Moti Bazaar, City Saddar Road, Barra market, Sadiqabad Bazaar, Commercial Market, and Mall Road Saddar at night. People are freely enjoying different kinds of delicacies while fish and soup shops remained packed with customers round the clock.

In fact, the majority of the citizens of Rawalpindi are considering coronavirus as a ‘joke’ and continue to violate the SOPs.

Majority of private educational institutions in the guise of Tuition Centres here in Lalkurti, Tulsa, Satellite Town, Harley Street, Westridge, Sadiqabad, Iqbal Town, Tench Bhatta, and several other localities are running day and night. Even in hospitals, people are not following SOPs.

The majority of the public is least bothered to follow the SOPs and preventive measures against the second wave of coronavirus.

The Deputy Commissioner (DC), Rawalpindi Captain (r) Anwar-ul-Haq told ‘The News’ that they were going to impose ‘Smart Lockdown’ in several hotspots areas in the coming days. He also admitted that the majority of people are not following SOPs but strict action will be taken at such spots in the coming days. He said that we are going to form a special force to monitor SOPs in markets, shopping malls, and other open areas.

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